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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering joining Minnesota Special Hockey? Let us answer some of your questions:

Who can play? 
Special hockey is for any individual with a developmental disorder. We have players with almost every developmental disorder imaginable... autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscle disorders and everything in between! In case you think it may be a better fit, there is also Minnesota Sled Hockey for individuals with mobility issues like paralysis and amputations, and soon to be a Minnesota Blind Hockey program for individuals with visual impairments. 

How old do you have to be? 
We have players as young as 5 and a few now that are in their late 50s,  who can play for as long as they are able to play.

Can girls play?

What if I've never played or skated before?
No problem! We will help you learn. Skating is a very important part of the game so we do recommend taking skating lessons at your local rink to help get in extra practice. Some rinks even offer adaptive lessons! We've also compiled a number of skills tutorials for when you want to practice on your own or with a friend.  

What equipment do I need?
We've got a handy picture here for all of the basics. You will want a practice jersey and socks to start. New players will receive 1 pair of MSH Wild socks, 1 white MSH Wild jersey and 1 green MSH Wild jersey from MSH.  Replacement jerseys can be purchased during the registration process.

That's a lot of equipment, I don't know that I can afford it all.
We can help! We collect a bunch of donated gear in various sizes to help you get started. However, for safety, you should go get properly fitted and buy your own new certified helmet. Having an up to date, certified helmet ensures your noggin is safe! You should also consider getting fitted and buy your own skates. If you need help, you can contact Coach Jerry and he will help get you going.

How do you put on all this gear?
Here is a handy video to get you going. Arrive 30-60minutes early to practices and games to give yourself plenty of time to put on gear and tie skates.

How much does it cost to register?
The USA Hockey fee is free for players new to hockey and approximately $50 for returning players. The Minnesota Special Hockey fee is $110.

I have some financial hardships and can't afford the registration fees.
We offer financial assistance! We don't want fees to stop you from playing. So you can apply for a $110 MSH registration scholarship during the MSH registration step of the sign up process.

Have More questions?


Jane Cashin

Jane Cashin

Founding Board Member/Team Manager Coordinator

Phone: 612-581-4483

When is the special hockey season?
Registration starts September 1st every year. Practices and games alternate every Sunday starting the first Sunday of November running to the last Sunday of February. We often get invited to and attend regional, national and international special hockey festivals that often are on weekends in March and early April.

We participate in high school adaptive sports or Special Olympics too, how does that work?
That's fantastic! A large number of our players participate in other high school or Special Olympics activities. For the most part, high school adaptive sports don't conflict with our primary events. Sometimes our primary events overlap with a Special Olympics practice or area/regional/state tournament. While we hope you choose to attend the MSH event (especially games), we won't tell you what to do, the choice is yours. It can be a tough choice and each player handles the situation a little differently. Some pick the sport or activity that is their favorite, others pick the activity that has the game that day, while others participate in so many activities that they have a regular rotation. All we ask is that you keep your special hockey coach in the loop for the choice you make that day so they know to expect you or not.

Which team is closest to me?
We currently have MSH teams in 16 cities across Minnesota: Alexandria, Blaine, Brainerd, Burnsville, Duluth, Edina, Lakeville, Moorhead, Maple Grove, New Hope, New Richmond, Plymouth, Rogers, St. Cloud, Waconia, and Woodbury. If your town is not on this list consider playing on a team that is closest to you for now, and then  gather up a bunch of your local friends with special needs to play, and ask us to help get a team going in your town!

How do games work?
When we have games, some of our teams will travel to the home rink of another team to play a game. The rules are generally the same as typical hockey except we have no checking, no offsides, and no icing. Lines typically play 2-3 minute shifts, then a horn blows, we change lines and continue on. Sometimes we award 'penalty shots' to players who don't get to touch the puck much.

That's great but how are they matched up?
We have two ways of matching up for a game. The first is by skill based lines and the second is by skill based teams.

With skill based lines, each team has an A, B and C skill level line that will match up with a similar A, B or C skill level line from the other team.

With skill based teams, players of skill level A form two teams and play each other, players of B skill level form two teams and play, and players of C skill level form two teams and play.  Most of the time these types of games are at festivals. BUT a couple times per year we play these types of games during our regular season. We will have players from a few of our towns come together so we have enough players and then play an AB level game and a BC level game. 

Each way offers a bit of a different competitive aspect, social aspect, and team aspect which gives all players involved diverse experiences. Since both game types are based on skill and not age, gender or size this means that boys and girls, young and old, big and small could be competing on the same lines. Fear not, we assure you this is very rarely an issue.

Wait, we get to travel?
Of course! For most of our games travel is a relatively short distance and is up to the players to arrange for transportation. However, for some games teams get to travel a farther distance (say for example, metro area to Duluth). When games are over 75 miles away, MSH will provide a team bus and arrange for post-game food. We also have the opportunity to travel to festivals hosted all over the world!

How do I explain all this to my child on the autism spectrum, do you have social stories?
We sure do! Our current version is attached on the right side of the page. We are working on a new version due out soon!

MSH B/C team picture before their last game at the US Disabled Hockey Festival.

15 Teams across Minnesota

15 Teams across Minnesota

What other events do you have?
Every year we have numerous other events that we participate in during the season and in the offseason including: a summer picnic, 3 on 3 camps, mid-season MSH Jamboree, skates with local association teams, exhibition skates to help raise awareness for MSH, fundraising events, promotional events and much, much more!

Tell me more about the Festivals.
Every year we are invited to a number of post-season festivals (fun hockey tournaments). They are optional for players to attend but are highly recommended. Most festivals offer 3 games per team (based on A, B, or C skill level) and at least some type of social event that usually has food and DJ/dancing. Pin trading is a popular way for athletes to socialize. For the bigger ones we also try to visit some local landmark. We typically have all our teams attend the Hendrickson Foundation Festival and send a team to either the USA Hockey Disabled Festival or the Special Hockey International Festival. For any of the other festivals, players may choose to attend on their own and we will help them find a team to play with. More festival information can be found here.

What's the Hendrickson Foundation?
We're glad you asked. The Hendrickson Foundation is an organization dedicated to growing the game of hockey in the disabled disciplines through raising awareness, raising funds, inclusion of all individuals with disabilities and supporting the disabled hockey programs in Minnesota. The Foundation is one of our biggest and best supporters. Every year they host two major events, a Golf Festival fundraising event and a Hockey Festival event to celebrate disabled hockey. It was started by the legendary hockey family led by MN Hockey Hall of Fame member Larry Hendrickson. You can learn more about them here. 

Whoa, that sounds great but how will I know when these events are happening?
Some events we know about well in advance. Others we find out very shortly before it happens. We try to send out info as soon as we know the finalized important details. The primary methods are sending out a league wide email and posting to our website, which also has an accompanying mobile app you can download, and then sharing via our social media channels. A calendar is available on the website/mobile app that will list the events when we post them. Find us on FacebookTwitter and InstagramGoogle+Youtube and LinkedIn

Do you have a player handbook?
Sure do! The current version is attached on the page below, with a new version due out soon!

Miley takes a break during the MSH Jamboree

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