Minnesota Wild Special Hockey is an adaptive stand up ice hockey program for individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages, featuring teams in 13 Minnesota cities.

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    Minnesota Special Hockey is a stand up ice hockey program for athletes of all ages and abilities. We are proud to have nearly 280 skaters and over 150 volunteers in 16 cities across the state of Minnesota.

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    Newsletter November 17, 2023

    By MSH 11/17/2023, 7:30am CST


    1.  Minnesota Wild Game Program Sales - December 23rd 
    2.  Chairs On Ice 
    3.  Neck Guard Recommendation

    Newsletter November 3, 2023

    By MSH 11/03/2023, 12:00pm CDT

    1.  Registration and Rosters
    2.  Skate with Team HF
    3.  Your SportsEngine Account
    4.  Save All Email Registration Receipts
    5.  Idea Box - new link

    Newsletter October 24, 2023

    By MSH 10/24/2023, 10:00pm CDT

    1.   Registration and Rosters
    2.  Your SportsEngine Account
    3.  MSH Apparel Sale on Sunday October 30th  
    4.  Save All Email Registration Receipts

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