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Equipment List

Serious players wear serious protection.

If you are a hockey player, you want to play well but be safe too. Below is a list of the equipment you should get.

What equipment do I need?
You will want all of the items shown here. We will give you 1 pair of MSH Wild socks, 1 white MSH Wild jersey and 1 green MSH Wild jersey from MSH.

Where can I get all this gear?
There are lots of sporting goods stores around the state where you can get new equipment or previously used gear at discounted rates. Often you don't need to get new gear and can find very good stuff for much less money at stores like Play it Again Sports.

That's great but I don't know that I can afford it all.
We can help! We collect a bunch of donated gear in various sizes to help you get started. However, for safety, you will want to buy your own helmet to ensure that it is properly fitting and up to certification standards. You should also consider getting fitted and buy your own skates. If you need our help, please contact Coach/Board Member Brock Buckellew at

How do you put on all this gear?
Click here for a handy video to get you going. Arrive 30-60 minutes early to practices and games to give yourself plenty of time to put on gear and tie skates.