Prospective players can connect with Minnesota Wild Special Hockey and sign up easily.
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We love our players!

With over 300 players on 16 teams and counting, our athletes are all ages and all physical ability levels. Some of our skaters are advanced hockey players and some are first time skaters. There is no question, individuals with disabilities can play hockey!

Need More Information?

Please contact Keith Kloubec if you are interested in signing up, but would like more information.  You can reach Keith at

Let us answer some of your questions:

Who can play? 
Special hockey is for any individual with a developmental disability. 

How old do you have to be? 
We have players as young as 5 and a few now who are in their late 50s, who can play for as long as they are able to play.

Can girls play?
Absolutely! We are open to boys and girls, men and women ages 5 & older.

What if I've never played or skated before?
We encourage all players to have skating ability before signing up.  All players, young and old have more success playing hockey with some skating confidence.  If the player does not know how to skate we encourage this player to have a registered volunteer that is willing to complete application the volunteer application and be the 1-on-1 person to assist.

When is the special hockey season?
Registration starts September 1st. The season runs on Sundays from November through March, with additional tournaments in the Spring and Summer.

What equipment do I need?
We've got a handy picture here for all of the basics

That's a lot of equipment, I don't know that I can afford it all.
We can help! We collect a bunch of donated gear in various sizes to help you get started. However, for safety, you should go get properly fitted and buy your own new certified helmet. You should also consider getting fitted and buy your own skates.

How much does it cost to register?
The USA Hockey fee is free for players new to hockey and dependent on age for returning players. The Minnesota Special Hockey fee is $125.

I have some financial hardships and can't afford the registration fees.
We don't want fees to stop you from playing.  You can apply for a scholarship during the MSH registration step of the sign-up process.

MSH B/C team picture before their last game at the US Disabled Hockey Festival.

Jane Cashin

Jane Cashin

Founding Board Member/President