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Newsletter February 11, 2024

By MSH, 02/10/24, 11:00AM CST


1.   MSH Reminders
2.  Apparel for Sale at Alexandria Jamboree
3.  USA Hockey Neck Protection Requirement

1. MSH Reminders

HELMETS - Important and mandatory!  Players are not allowed to take off their helmets while on the ice.  A few instances have been observed where players remove them while skating off the ice.  Volunteers under 18 must also wear helmets while on the bench.  Keep those buckets on until completely off the ice!

PLAYER SAFETY – Any player deliberately hurting another player during a game or practice must be immediately removed from the ice.  All players agreed to a Player Code of Conduct during registration.  A reminder of this policy can be found on this page:

JERSEYS - It is unacceptable to add anything to a player jersey.  Please do not add patches, signatures or other logos to game jerseys.  The MN Wild gave us use of this logo for jerseys/apparel, we have an agreement with them to respect it and use it within this agreement.

TEAM CAPTAINS – MSH does not have team captains.  Our teams have many great leaders, singling out one person for this role is not in the spirit of MSH.  If a player has a ‘C’ or ‘A’ on their jersey, it must be removed.

VOLUNTEER PUCK HANDLING - Under some circumstances it can be a good thing to redirect the puck.

  • C-Line players may have difficulty getting to the puck.  A redirect can be a way to get the puck to someone who otherwise wouldn’t touch it. Often we move the puck to setup C line players to shoot and score. This is all great!
  • B-Line play is a bit of a judgment call, but in general we discourage interference with play. In a game with no icing and no offsides dumping the puck it may be necessary to keep the puck moving and close to play.
  • A-Line play does not require volunteer interference.  If a player is controlling the play, talk to them on the bench about passing the puck to teammates.  Volunteers are on the ice to make sure players are safe.

2. Apparel for Sale at Alexandria Jamboree

Fire sale...again!  We still have some MSH t-shirts (long and short sleeved) and golf shirts available at a great price!  There will be some other limited apparel (socks, shorts, shirts) from this year's Strauss online store for sale sold at the Alexandria Jamboree.  

**Quantity and sizes limited.  Cash only.

3. USA Hockey Neck Protection Requirement

Last month, USA Hockey approved legislation that will require the use of neck laceration protection (neck guards) for players in all age classifications, other than adults, as well as on-ice officials under the age of 18.  Neck guards will be required beginning on August 1, 2024 for all players under the age of 18 and must be worn during all games and practices.  Read this article for more about the new neck guard rule: