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SafeSport Training and Waiver

SafeSport Training and Waiver/Accommodation

To comply with the Federal SafeSport Authorization Act USA Hockey is mandating SafeSport Training for all athletes and volunteers who were born in 2006 or before.  It is required for all athletes and volunteers who will be playing on the same team as minors. 

The SafeSport training is 90 minutes and requires a computer with access to the internet. This training, while the intent is positive, is a difficult training and for most of our athletes will not be beneficial in its current form.

USA Hockey understands the challenges of this training and has created an option for Special Hockey athletes to "opt" out of the training by completing and submitting an accommodation (see below). Please consider doing this as soon as possible to confirm you have been approved to opt out of the SafeSport Training. If you are an adult and you are your own guardian, please complete the form listing yourself as the guardian. 

New adult players that do not have a USA Hockey Confirmation number will receive that within a few weeks of registering.  Any questions on this contact Jane Cashin at

If you have issues accessing the SafeSport website, please use this email with your questions/concerns.  It is beneficial to have the USA Hockey Confirmation number in the email.


See the links below to access the Training or Accommodation/Waiver.

You will need your USA Hockey Number for both links. 

Please follow the instructions on the Waiver/Accommodation.


Program Name: Minnesota Special Hockey

Association ID:  MND4001