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Interested in Volunteering with us?

Coaches and Volunteers Make It Happen!

Our coaches and on ice volunteers are integral keys to keeping practices and games organized and running smooth. 

We strive to make our program a great experience for our skaters and our volunteers. Volunteer roles are based on your interest and availability, as well as the needs of the teams and programs.

Thank you for your interesting in being part of Minnesota Special Hockey!


While we certainly look to accommodate as many volunteers as possible as a way for our program to “give back”, there are some very simple requirements & expectations we have of our volunteers that we want to communicate upfront for you to consider:

Cassie Merrick

Volunteer Coordinator

A Minnesota Special Hockey volunteer pushes a player who cannot yet skate and is sitting in a chair.

1. TRAINING REQUIRED - Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be at least 18 years of age and are required to complete the USA Hockey Coaches Training and required modules before December 31.  A document is provided below outlining the requirements. The clinic date is usually in October and more information on this clinic will be provided soon. New this year... Volunteers 18 and older are are required to complete our online SafeSport Module.  There is no cost for this module. The required modules can be found at

What training am I required to do and how long is it valid for? Here is a chart.
2.  AGE REQUIREMENTS - On-ice volunteers must be at least be a freshman in high school, or be able to be accompanied by an adult on the ice each time.  Volunteers under the age of 18 need a parent or guardian to sign the electronic USA Hockey Waiver Form on their behalf.  

3.  COMMITMENT - The majority of our athletes typically do better in a very structured environment and working with the same person is an important part of their weekly routine.  Given that we will most likely pair our on-ice volunteers up with one specific player, it is important that we have consistency and commitment from our team of volunteers. While we don’t expect every volunteer to make every single practice or game, we don’t want this to be viewed as a place to go when it is “convenient” for the volunteer either. We typically only get together one hour a week, so the time commitment is minimal, but important. 

A Minnesota Special Hockey volunteer talks with players on the bench in between shifts on ice.

4. COMFORTABLE - All volunteers must be comfortable dealing with people who live with some form of disability. We fully realize that any persons comfort with this may grow based on increased exposure, but it is important to note.

5.  WILLING TO HAVE FUN - It is imperative that our volunteers are out-going and have a sense of humor. Keep in mind that for many of our players, this one hour we are together each week during our season and the events planned throughout the year may be the highlight of their week. It is imperative that we all have fun!!!!!

6. Lastly, many of our teams have had tremendous volunteer support.  Having said that, there comes a point when an excess of volunteers for a team detracts from the main priority, which is our athletes. We conduct an assessment of returning volunteers for each team and will make every effort to accommodate the request for you to work with a specific team.  However, we cannot guarantee that team will be in need of additional volunteers. If it is not, we will certainly provide the option for you to join on with another team in need.

If you meet the criteria listed above and want to apply for a volunteer position in our program, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tom Schuneman, via email by clicking on the envelope underneath his name at the top of this page.

Thank you for your interest in MN Special Hockey!