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Eleven Who Care: Susie Miller

By Jared, 01/25/12, 3:45PM CST


NEW HOPE, Minn. -- We spent one hour with Susie Miller on a Sunday afternoon. One hour. It took us about five minutes to figure out how one woman could take the dream of one special needs hockey player and turn into a five team, 83-person league in the metro area.

"There are few people like Susie Miller," Lanette Lorsung said. Lorsung's daughter Rebekah is a special needs player who was looking for a league back in 2005. Miller looked around for her but discovered the 'state of hockey' didn't have an ice hockey association for individuals facing the challenges that come with autism, down syndrome, or epilepsy.  

"It's the 'state of hockey.' Every person who wants to play hockey should be able to play hockey, so I wanted to make that happen," Miller said shortly before a game at New Hope Ice Arena.

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