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Watch MNSH games LIVE at the National Festival

By Jared, 04/09/15, 7:00PM CDT


We have made it to Buffalo, NY and are all settled in the hotel, ready for our first rounds of games bright and early tomorrow morning. For those of you that weren't able to go, you have a few options for joining in all the fun.

First, supposedly (if I read the email right) the festival has a live stream of their own setup for games via the website From what I can see, it appears that they have sled hockey coverage but can't find anything on stand-up. Also, it appears that there is a fee to watch.

Second option, there is a phone app called Meerkat (requires twitter login) that I will try to live stream the games. If you sign up and follow me @icedavis5 on twitter and/or @MNSpecialHockey on twitter (or either of us on Facebook) we will post links to the streams when they go live. Then click the link we post, the app will load and the stream will begin.

WARNING: This is HIGHLY dependent on a few things: 1) My phone's battery life :) and 2) If the festival people are broadcasting our games, they can and likely will shut me down. 3) how much I am needed on the ice to help by which I can also try to stream. If the second happens, then at least there is still a broadcast to watch and I will still stream our trip to Niagara Falls.

Below is the game schedule, so be ready a few minutes before the displayed times so you can see the links get posted and get signed up/in with time left to spare so you don't miss any of the action!

Game Schedule (Eastern Time):

Friday, April 10th

GAME - 7:00 am vs. Buffalo - "C" division game

GAME - 8:10 am vs. Chicago - "A" division game

GAME - 3:10 pm vs. TBD - "A" Division game

GAME - 4:20 pm vs. Chicago - "C" Division game

Saturday, April 11th

Sometime AM? - Niagara Falls Experience

GAME - 3:10 am vs. NOVA Cool Cats - "B" division game

GAME - 4:20 pm vs. Wisconsin - "A" division game

GAME - 7:50 pm vs. Gateway Locomotives - "B" division game