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USA Hockey Festival

By Holly Tchida, 12/21/21, 8:30AM CST


Register by January 5th!

The USA Hockey Festival is on!  It is in Pittsburgh, PA, April 7th - 10th.

More information can be found at this site:

The bus (or buses) will likely depart Wednesday on April 6th (the time depends on if we play on the 7th).  The locations of the departures are yet to be determined (dependent on registered players).  We will leave the festival early Sunday morning, April 10th. 

Players under 18 are required to travel with a parent or legal guardian or someone that the parent agrees is responsible for the player.  Players over 18 are not required to travel with a legal guardian, but it is highly recommended and encouraged.  There are no chaperones, only organization leaders to ensure overall safety and responsible behavior to well represent MN Special Hockey.  If a player is over 18 and has a legal guardian, the player and legal guardian are required to sign a player agreement and provide emergency contact information. 

Players who require 1-on-1 assistance on the bench or the ice may need to provide that person to help the player.  We cannot guarantee there will be someone that signs up to travel that can assist.

The level of play is dependent on the abilities and number of players that register.  USA Hockey has A, B, C and mixed levels of play.  We will attempt to create teams at these levels, all dependent on the registered players.


-  Team Registration - Free, this is taken care of by MN Special Hockey

-  Hotel - Three nights of hotel stay at approximately $130 + tax per night.  Players can coordinate with each other to share rooms.  Once you register for this event, you will be emailed the information to book your hotel.  Everyone is required to stay in the same hotel.  We will be offering a couple scholarships.  More info on that to follow.

-  Transportation - There is no cost for a player and one parent/guardian to ride the bus.  Additional riders are charged $150 for riding.  If a player is flying or driving, they can ride the bus in Pittsburgh if there is room.

-  Meals - some will be provided by MN Special Hockey.  Most are the responsibility of the player.

Please fill out the following registration form if you are a player or volunteer and are planning on attending this event.  Please do not register to travel unless you can commit.  MN Special Hockey pays for the team registration, so if a player registers then cancels, it is a problem for our scheduling (hotels, bus, registration) and the game scheduling for the tournament.  Head Coaches, we may need more of you!  Please contact Tia if you need more information about his event.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, January 5, 2022.  We will not be able to add players after this date due to the information we need to supply to the tournament.

Use this link to register: